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Our Laser Tag Equipment

Ur It Laser Tag uses the most high-tech system available! We use the Razorback® laser taggers from Elite Laser Tag, the premium laser tag equipment experts!  Don’t settle for laser tag providers that bring cheap  “toy laser tag” systems that can’t perform in daylight and have little or no range.  We bring the best laser tag equipment, and your guests will appreciate the feel, fit and features of real commercial, professional laser taggers!

The best laser tag equipment makes the best laser tag party in Metropolitan Kansas City.

Our Laser Tag events include laser taggers for up to 20 players at once. We can play numerous types of games, from a simple “team battle” to mission-based games like Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill, Grab for Gold, and more! With features like color-coded muzzle flash (know who’s firing!) and same-team safety (kids can’t “take out” their teammates) it’s the most feature-packed and realistic Laser Tag system available.  Despite the high-tech features that make it desirable for older teens and adults, it’s still easy enough for kids 6 and up to use!

Our Laser Taggers shoot a harmless, but powerful, infra-red beam, just like your TV remote control. They’re completely safe and pose no danger of damaging eyes or causing any harm. Since the typical round lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, we can accommodate both large and small parties by rotating players in. Everyone gets to play!

laser taggers for Kansas City laser tag party

Our Razorback Laser Taggers have automatic scoring, team-colored lights, sound effects, scopes and much more. Ur It Laser Tag also features  “Re-Spawn” boxes, which allow players to get another chance on the battlefield!  Just go to the Respawn Box and press a button, and you’re “alive” and back on the battlefield!  Pop-up “bunkers” provide a place to hide and return fire! It’s awesome!

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